Therapy Designed for Men

My clients are smart, capable men who care deeply about their relationships. They have ambitions and enjoy success, but need help balancing the demands of work and life. And sometimes they lose connection with themselves and others. That’s where therapy comes in.

Whether it’s a relationship challenge, a phase of life situation, or a longstanding personal difficulty, you’re seeking therapy with a need for hope and a desire for change. And I welcome the chance to work with you.

In therapy, we’ll talk about your strengths and goals, and sort through the challenges you’re facing. I’ll help you better understand your situation and find healthier ways of thinking and connecting with others.

Therapy takes courage. And it can be a great resource when you need support. If you’re seeking a path forward, I invite you to call me today.

Client Specializations

  • Professionals navigating stress, transitions and relationships

  • High Achievers needing greater balance and connection

  • Entrepreneurs seeking an abundance mindset

  • Analytic Types making decisions that resonate with logic and emotion

  • Therapists striving for presence and integration

  • Anyone struggling to create, receive and sustain intimacy

Focus Areas

  • Relationships: intimacy, sex, boundaries, communication

  • Family: complicated childhoods, unresolved conflicts

  • Parenting: overwhelm, boundaries and bonding, letting go

  • Depression: loneliness, sadness, shame, finding happiness

  • Anxiety: unrest, needing to trust, finding calmness

  • Career: role changes, work/life balance, leadership styles

  • Loss: divorce, death, unresolved grief

  • Identity: recapturing self, having the courage to be, shedding old ideas